Survival concept

Only the right way to survive

Huadeli advocates integrity, integrity, uphold the community, customers, customers attention, adherence to the concept of group style, bearing in mind the Group's core values, and always adhere to the "only way to survive" concept of survival to develop and grow the Group.

Business philosophy

Tribulation is a required course for successful people

Waldorf firmly believe that only people who have experienced the suffering of hell, have the power to build heaven in China Deli never speak of style, even in the hardships of adversity suffered torture, the group will never rest on its laurels, only in the cocoon In the sleeping. With the group's tenacity and determination out of the hard constraints, feathers into the butterfly volley flying.

Development concept

Sacrifice the person to complete the big me

Hua Deli priority to national interests for the interests of the community priority to the interests of customers priority to the interests of customers first, to their interests as the Group's greatest interests take into account the priority.

Waldorf people to the interests of the Group's priority and their own interests, where the group as the starting point, all the activities in principle without prejudice to the interests of the Group under the conditions.

Business philosophy

Thought leading integrity-based

Huadeli advocate the integrity of the community, customers, consumers highly responsible for the guiding ideology, the integrity of business ethics as their behavior, respect for the views of customers, with the establishment of a good relationship, to provide customers with the most satisfied with the products, Good image wins trust ...

Employment concept

Make the best use of their talents

Hua Deli and Waldorf people have a common goal, have a common ideals and beliefs, have a common value, the common goal.

The staff is the most important resource for Waldorf. Every Waldorf is a group of talented people, Waldorf adhere to the appropriate post justified, because the employer, the people, the ideal person, the average person, under the Yongzhe, the staff into the appropriate Position, give full play to its expertise, so that people do their best before they make the best use.

Wealth concept

Gentleman love money taken the right way

Huadeli implement the "gentleman love to take the right way" reason, to fulfill their duties, always put the most basic moral principles: the face of interest is not Hu, the money is not open to all standards before, to provide customers with safe and secure products and services ; For customers to establish integrity and pragmatic image of the guarantee for the staff to create a healthy and pleasant working environment.

Management philosophy

Leadership Empathy Management Ruthless system unfeeling

Waldorf Group's management is communication and communication. System is greater than human, all to the system as the benchmark, in the system before the equality of all.

Life philosophy

Diligence enough to get enough people enough to get people

身先足以率人  律己足以服人



有成果就有报酬 无成果就是耻辱