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Waldorf new three-board launch, standardize business operations.





March 24, 2015, Zhejiang Huadeli Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. and Founder Securities new three-board signing ceremony in China Deli Holdings Group officially launched. Hua Deli through decades of accumulation, has become the Haining dyeing industry leader, enterprises in the operation, technology and other aspects have achieved good results. Enterprises actively preparing for listing work, hope in the near future become Haining City, Xu Village, the first printing and dyeing industry to enter the new three board companies.

China Deli company through more than 10 years of development, keenly aware of the business is not enough to do, we must do fine and stronger, the new board is a rare opportunity for enterprise development. In the "new three board" market listing transactions, is conducive to standardize the company's operations, improve the corporate capital structure, access to more convenient financing channels, establish a corporate brand, and promote market development and achieve rapid development.

Listed companies set up working groups, and Founder Securities and other institutions, the official launch of the listing process. And strive to adopt the new three-board this platform, constantly changing the extensive management mode, optimize the various rules and regulations, the establishment of modern enterprise management mechanism, standardize the financial and create a green dyeing and finishing enterprises so that enterprises can better sustainable development, casting century enterprises, For social development and make greater contribution.