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Printing and Dyeing Enterprises Should Speed Up the Way of Increasing Value

The original price of disperse dyes, has been half a month to maintain the original price of our printing and dyeing enterprises is a good thing. Recently, a coastal printing and dyeing business operators Zhang pleased to tell reporters that since this year, dye prices have skyrocketed, so he was very worried, but after the supplier said a 95 yuan per kilogram of disperse dyes will rise to 130 yuan , But the final supplier did not implement the new price.

Mr. Zhang's joy, thanks to the county printing and dyeing association Baotuan more than 200 printing and dyeing enterprises to dye materials to discuss the results of abnormal prices.

Reporter learned from the County Price Bureau, Shaoxing County, received a collective appeal of printing and dyeing enterprises, the Provincial Price Bureau, the Provincial Price Supervision and Inspection Bureau and other high priority, the first time to investigate and understand, and re-related enterprises involved in pricing policies and regulations.

Dye prices compared to the previous price increases, the recent fixed two weeks, the price of dyes is relatively stable show. County Printing and Dyeing Association, said Fu Lin, the collective rights, by the provincial and county price departments attach great importance to and support the relatively stable prices of dyes be effective, especially in September, the textile enterprises to enter the production season, the printing industry , As if eating a reassurance.

Interview, the reporter learned that many printing and dyeing enterprises are still worried about some of the dye supply companies to take advantage of the occasion of the peak season, waiting for an opportunity to raise prices wave, for some printing and dyeing enterprises according to the amount of orders to catch up with dye production costs.

Enterprise survival and development by the dye cost 'kidnapping' dilemma, once again reminded Shaoxing County printing and dyeing enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation products, higher value-added road. The industry said.