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Trend Analysis of Printing and Dyeing Machinery at Home and Abroad

The past two years, domestic and foreign dyeing and finishing of new technology, new technologies, new equipment emerging, showing the global printing and dyeing machinery industry, the momentum of vigorous development. Energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency are the direction of sustainable development of dyeing and finishing industry in the 21st century. New technologies such as short process and automation technology, non-plate printing technology, low temperature plasma treatment and waterless processing technology are the development trend of dyeing and finishing machinery in the future. Since CITME'2002, China's textile industry to obtain greater development, greatly speeding up the pace of industrial upgrading, textile machinery and equipment purchases have increased rapidly. In 2002, China imported printing and dyeing and finishing machinery of $ 618 million, accounting for 19.4% of the total amount of imported equipment. In 2003, China imported printing and dyeing and finishing machinery of $ 978 million, accounting for 21.10% of the total amount of imported equipment. the first.

At present, the overall development trend of dyeing and finishing equipment technology is: to environmental protection, energy saving, time-saving and efficient, short process development, attention to water processing technology, no plate printing technology, low-temperature plasma treatment and other new technologies; (PLC) or industrial computer control (IPC), parameter on-line monitoring of universal application, to enhance the dyeing and finishing (dyeing and finishing), is widely used in automation technology, the drive system with AC variable frequency multi-unit synchronous speed control system in the control system, widely used programmable logic controller Equipment, automation, process stability, reproducibility can be greatly improved.

With the development of dyeing and finishing industry, electronic computer as the main modern information control technology, has penetrated into all areas of dyeing and finishing machinery. Dyeing and finishing equipment mechanical and electrical integration, automation, man-machine dialogue, process settings, automatic detection and control, remote diagnosis and other means widely used. Dyeing and finishing in the environmental protection technology, the international textile industry has developed rapidly, both domestic and foreign manufacturers pay more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, dyeing equipment in the design program to focus on the effectiveness of equipment is conducive to environmental protection, and strive to optimize the dyeing process, reducing chemical And energy consumption, in order to achieve efficient, high-speed, short process purposes.

Dyeing and finishing production showed a short process, high efficiency and other trends, with the corresponding short-process, high-efficiency process equipment, mainly cold-rolled pre-treatment, wet short steaming treatment, silk cloth silk, cold pad dyeing, wet Short steaming dyeing, rolling rolling dyeing and high feeding device.

Textiles personalized, comfortable, functional, fashionable trend, to promote the dyeing and finishing equipment to adapt to small quantities, multi-species and the development of a multi-purpose machine.

The current world trend of dyeing and finishing is based on ecological concepts to develop new technologies and new equipment, combined with the process, dyeing materials, additives and other multi-channel research and development. Such as the use of anhydrous processing technology, no plate printing technology, low-temperature plasma processing technology, nanotechnology, biological enzyme technology, making printing and dyeing finishing process shorter, higher production efficiency, product performance better. New technology and new equipment mainly has the following aspects:

A New Technology for Continuous Treatment of Knitted Fabric. Knitted fabric continuous flat dyeing and finishing process, not only improve the quality of the fabric damage is small, and has good flexibility and reproducibility, and can reduce the cost of about 10% to 15% of the improvement of mercerizing machine. Nominal width of 3200 mm, 3400 mm for woven fabrics processing special wide folder straight roll mercerizing machine. Between the straight roller dipped alkali zone and the mercerizing stable zone, a five-roll or two-roll thread micro-tentering device is added, which can effectively prevent the weft shrinkage after the alkali impregnation. Digital jet printing. With the printing technology revolution of the digital jet printing, print speed has reached (360dpi) 25 square meters / hour or more.

Alkaline concentration on - line monitoring. The "Alkaline Concentration Computer Online Monitoring System" developed by Xi'an Degao Caramel Printing & Dyeing Co., Ltd. has a good man-machine interface. The whole machine adopts large-size color liquid crystal touch screen. The display is intuitive and the operation is convenient. The status is clear at a glance. Of the best control, with high precision and high stability.

In recent years, China's dyeing and finishing equipment and the degree of mechanical and electrical integration has been improved, the application of electronic technology continues to expand. In the product design emphasizes the modular, building blocks; electrical drag stable and reliable, tension adjustable, so that people - machine - the environment can be fully coordinated. However, China's dyeing and finishing equipment compared with the advanced level, there is still a considerable gap. Such as automatic control and poor program control, online monitoring is not really resolved; remote monitoring and fault diagnosis technology in China can not do; quantitative titration, automatic feeding is not matching. The main differences in the following areas: dyeing and finishing equipment, process parameters online detection technology: in the dyeing and finishing, mercerization, dyeing, steaming, stereotypes in the process, some of the process parameters on-line detection has been dyeing and finishing the key technology Problem, the main requirement is in the dyeing and finishing processing, rapid changes in the parameters of the parameter signal detection, conversion and timely control of processing, and stable and reliable work. At present, the key issue is to develop to detect color, alkali concentration, hydrogen peroxide concentration and other parameters of the sensor device. Timely to these parameters, to regulate the production process and control, can greatly improve the quality of dyeing and finishing, reduce consumption, improve the rate of production, to achieve a high repeatability, to maintain process stability.

Development of new equipment: At present, in dyeing and finishing technology innovation is also lagging behind the world textile machinery power, dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturers according to the product requirements to provide the corresponding dyeing and finishing equipment, need for new fiber Lycar, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, etc. Special requirements, the development of appropriate processing equipment.

Printing and dyeing machinery manufacturing enterprises only to welcome the new technology in the future development. At present, domestic printing and dyeing equipment and foreign printing and dyeing equipment, compared to the shape and function of the basic use is not very different, the main gap is still reflected in the stability and reliability. Despite the digital online detection and control technology, computer network technology, the introduction of high-tech printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing, the domestic printing and dyeing equipment, the degree of automation, energy consumption, water consumption gradually reduced, Improvement, but the stability of the poor and drip leakage problem still exists. This requires printing and dyeing equipment companies not only from the ideological attention, but also from the action to come up with practical ways to. In addition, is a driving rate problem. Foreign companies attach great importance to a driving rate, the equipment of a drive rate is very high, relatively speaking, domestic equipment in this area has yet to be further improved.