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The new version of the EU eco-textile standards has been officially implemented

According to my understanding, the new version of the EU "eco-textile standards 100" has been officially implemented recently. This is the world's most authoritative, most influential eco-textile standards.

Compared with last year's edition, the new version of the eco-textiles standards in the hazardous substances added a number of new test items to detect the impact of textile and clothing products in human health indicators. For example, in the technical specifications for eco-textiles, the number of phthalates (plasticizers) in the candidate samples increased from 6 to 12, and the sum of these 12 items was still kept at 0.1%.

Experts suggest that export enterprises should be strictly in accordance with the new standards for product design and production, and actively change the production process, try to avoid the use of harmful dyes and additives, the use of environmentally friendly alternative.