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China's chemical fiber industry has become an urgent need to change the mode of development

Domestic economic pressures, raw material pressure, new capacity pressure increased; benefits decreased significantly; the industry declined significantly; the domestic economic slowdown, domestic demand to stimulate the economy; Southeast Asia and other new economies rely on cost advantages, Internal structural contradictions and outstanding problems ... ... resulting in China Chemical Fiber, which accounts for 70% of global production of a huge industry, into an unprecedented puzzle. China Chemical Fiber should be how to take to truly take over the world's leading brand of chemical fiber? How can we really achieve the goal of chemical fiber power?

Recently, in Tongxiang, Zhejiang held the 19th session of the China International Chemical Fiber Conference, the China Chemical Fiber Association, President Xiaoping Xiaoping pointed out: "At present, change the mode of development, enhance the ability of independent innovation, improve Product value-added transformation and upgrading tasks such as imminent. "

It is imperative to change the mode of development

Speaking of China's chemical fiber is facing the current downturn, the end of Xiaoping with the following points to sum up: First, the industry benefits decreased significantly, especially the sales profit margins, the first half of this year's sales profit margin fell from 3.8% last year to 2.8 "Chemical fiber is a high input - output industries, but also a high debt ratio of the industry, so the net gearing to achieve 3.8% even if it is very good, but the first half of this year, 2.8% is indeed more obvious decline. Second, the operating rate is low. From the run of the past two years, almost all major varieties of chemical fiber are faced with underemployment situation, the worst of polyester staple fiber from the beginning of last year began operating rate has been at 70% up and down, the worst close to 65%, significantly lower In the same period last year; but spandex industry operating rate this year, a substantial increase, reaching 95%. "The industry's operating rate is insufficient, indicating that the product is not so easy to sell." Third, exports, although a slight increase of 2.13% year on year, but the growth rate has dropped significantly, and growth mainly from the price increase, the increase in the number of smaller , "This comes from the lack of foreign market demand, the other mainly from the competition in the new economy, they rely on the advantages of labor costs, the advantages of tariffs in the division of the original belongs to our market.China Chemical Fiber dependence on foreign close to 40% , One can imagine the weak external demand on the impact of China's chemical fiber. "The last one from the industry mentality: obviously we feel the direction of the macroeconomic judgments unclear, and tend not optimistic. China International Conference on Chemical Fiber known as the international chemical fiber industry benchmark, every year, including all the chemical fiber from all over the world, including representatives of 500 people attended, and this year's record number of participants reached 700 people, Almost all of the major chemical fiber production countries and regions, "that we are waiting to see, thinking, inquire, want to see the future direction of development." Duan Xiaoping said.

Faced with the above-mentioned not good-looking transcripts, Duan Xiaoping believes that the main reason for China's economic slowdown brought about by insufficient demand. China Textile Industry Association Vice President Gao Yong also held the same view: "Chemical fiber as an important basic raw material industry, involving the aerospace, defense industry, automobile industry, health and other industries, chemical fiber industry chain in the new economic trends Under the continuous expansion of the national economic situation changes on the impact of related industries will pass through the textile industry chain reached the chemical fiber industry and chemical fiber industry, technological progress will also affect many areas through the end product.Xuan Xiaoping believes that the rapid development of China Chemical Fiber Can not do without the background of China's economic golden years, "in this context do not want to rapid development of the market economy invisible hands to promote the rapid development of chemical fiber industry." Now, China's economic slowdown brought about by demand Inadequate, naturally can not pull too much chemical fiber growth.

Another problem is not around the past: chemical fiber production capacity of the excess. Conventional varieties of production growth too fast, resulting in structural problems of excess is more and more prominent. Over the past decade polyester polyester industry is the biggest beneficiaries of technological progress, our unit investment is one-tenth of a decade ago, the construction cycle is the original half of the product processing costs is the original half, And now the spinning speed is eight times ten years ago. Scientific and technological progress has brought a lot of demand for the polyester industry at the same time, also attracted a lot of investment. Polyester industry has become the chemical fiber industry's most important industries, accounting for 80% of China's chemical fiber production.Even in the current total demand is insufficient, the polyester polyester industry is still in inertia growth channel production capacity, the first half of this year put into operation polyester project Totaling more than 3 million tons. Xu Kunyuan, honorary president of China Textile Industry Association, said: "It is not behind the excess capacity, but the same advanced technology and equipment caused by the rapid development.

China Textile Industry Association, said Wang Tiankai: If fully used to complete the industrial transformation and upgrading, is not entirely impossible.Fiberated fiber as a basic raw materials industry, should see the development of the past, many companies use the scale Advantage to reduce costs, this approach can not be said that there may be in the future, but now purely in this way without quality upgrading to complete the industrial upgrading, it is not feasible.

Xu Kun Yuan also said: "Our entrepreneurs to remember that the chemical fiber industry by one or two machines to make big money opportunities less and less, or gone ... Talent, technology, capital market is the most active three Of factors, is the development of the way out and get the most profit magic.

Scientific and technological progress is the first magic weapon

In China, the transformation of the economy has been unable to sustain the expansion of a simple scale, the traditional chemical fiber industry in developed countries further shrinking the chemical industry, the technological progress of the power and ability to decline, and the future with the rapid advancement of science and technology, as a strategic emerging materials Tech fiber materials, its technological breakthroughs and application development will become the commanding heights of competing for the national textile industry, in this context, the end Xiaoping, the chemical fiber industry must take full advantage of the relevant industrial technology development opportunities, strengthen high-tech textile Chemical fiber industry to enhance the transformation of fiber materials to speed up the innovation and breakthroughs in high-tech, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry in order to truly take the initiative in the new round of competition.

To this end, Duan Xiaoping in the theme of the meeting report entitled "scientific and technological progress and chemical fiber industry." The report pointed out that China's chemical fiber industry after decades, especially the rapid development of nearly a decade, has formed a complete industrial chain matching system, including the appropriate scientific research, personnel training and equipment manufacturing sector in conventional fiber production has a leading Equipment and technology, production of products from conventional chemical fiber, high-performance chemical fiber to bio-based chemical fiber, a product coverage and the widest range of countries. These advantages are for the Chinese chemical fiber industry, scientific and technological progress has laid a solid foundation, but also China's chemical fiber industry to achieve transformation and upgrading, innovation and development of favorable conditions. China's chemical fiber industry development, all permeated with "technological progress" of the track, each with a technological breakthrough in the rapid development of incremental. Scientific and technological progress has also promoted the restructuring of the chemical fiber industry. The economic scale of enterprises has been significantly improved, and the industrial technology has been upgraded in a comprehensive manner, with strong international and domestic market competitiveness. It is reported from the multi-functional and high differentiation of conventional fibers, the low-cost production and quality improvement of high-performance chemical fiber, the research and development of bio-based chemical fibers and raw materials, the industrial production and market application, the green low carbon production technology of conventional fibers And other four aspects of the present and future of China's chemical fiber industry, scientific and technological progress.

In order to put the above theory into practice, the Chemical Fiber Association has a set of effective measures to promote: with the China Chemical Fiber Association Hengyi Fund to reward the chemical industry excellent paper, with a view to the scientific and technological progress to do the basic theoretical support; The trend of the industry chain to promote the combination of upstream and downstream, open market for innovative enterprises to create conditions; Actively do the standards of chemical fiber Association, has just too late to develop national standards, industry-standard new products do third-party tag to help enterprises to promote and Protection of intellectual property rights.

Differential development is an effective way

"China's economy is crossing the road, and for enterprises, crossing the intersection of a slow two to see through the three, spotted the go." Duan Xiaoping said. In his view, at this stage of the secure approach is: product innovation, take the road of differentiation, "As for the amount of development, I think now you can slow down."

Since the difference in the road, then enterprises can try to the downstream development, through mergers and acquisitions and other means to lengthen the industrial chain, because the fiber fiber, the added value will not be too high. Duan Xiaoping mentioned an example in particular: Xuzhou Silk's "one-step method of different shrinking mixed filament industry and complete sets of technology projects and applications" in 2011, won the China Textile Industry Federation of Science and Technology Progress Award. The use of the technology out of silk spinning, two years ago to earn 5,000 to 10,000 yuan per ton, but with the large number of the technology to promote the use of the technology of textile yarn products oversupply, resulting in only 100 to 200 yuan per ton profit, On the verge of a loss. But the profitability of the technology does not reduce, why? It put the fiber technology applied to the fabric, it woven out of the distinctive cloth, elongated the industrial chain.

As for the strength of large enterprises, encourage foreign investors to go global configuration resources, must be to the upper reaches of the industrial chain to expand. Because the upper reaches of China's chemical fiber is also trapped in foreign countries, the Chinese chemical fiber is to get rid of these shackles. "Like ethylene glycol, PX is an important chemical fiber raw materials, is now facing such a predicament, and our government in the oil refining, petrochemical production and investment protection, control is relatively strict, so the best way is to go out Globalization to allocate resources. Hengyi now to Brunei to invest in petrochemical products .This is a direction.