Wondray Import & Export

Zhejiang Wondray Import and Export Co., Ltd. was founded by Zhejiang Huadeli Holding Group Co., Ltd. and was established in April 2013.

Business scope: silk products, textiles, apparel fabrics, clothing, chemical raw materials (excluding hazardous chemicals, precursor chemicals and chemical reagents, etc.), construction materials, hardware accessories, machinery and equipment wholesale and retail; Technology import and export business (except those restricted or prohibited by the state; except those involving pre-examination and approval)

The company is currently mainly engaged in the import and export of various high-end fabrics, yarns, and garments. There are many branches in Keqiao, Zhejiang Shaoxing, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, and Changshu. The import and export trade is mainly after the domestic purchase of white yarn, then weaving, dyeing, shaping, processing, and finally sales to all parts of the world. The current business has an initial stable value, and monthly sales can be guaranteed at about 8 million yuan.

Registered capital

10 million yuan

  • Established

    2013 year

  • Registered capital

    10 million yuan

  • Company monthly sales

    8 million yuan

The company's current business is still in its infancy. In the future, the company will focus on strengthening business expansion and introducing trade-oriented talents, laying a foundation for th