E-commerce helps the emerging development of the dye industry

Editor:浙江华德利纺织印染有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-08-20 

With the rapid development of e-commerce, China's online shopping group has reached a considerable size. It is reported that the overall scale of China's e-commerce will exceed 6 trillion in 2012. More and more companies have begun to touch "electricity", and buyers have changed their habit of shopping in the past to "online shopping". E-commerce is gradually changing people's consumption and lifestyle.

Facing the increasingly severe environment of resource and environment constraints and the increasingly prosperous environment of e-commerce, the innovation of various business models generated by enterprises by means of e-commerce has become a hot spot in market competition. Therefore, on the basis of the existing model, the enterprise follows the general trend of e-commerce development, in order to promote the innovation of the business model and cultivate sustainable competitive advantages. The dye industry is no exception, catching up with the development wave of the times and entering the e-commerce position.

Pan Ye has been engaged in dye production for many years and is very optimistic about the e-commerce field. He has his own views on the dye industry's entry into the mobile Internet. China has become the world's largest producer of dyes. In 2010, the output of dyes accounted for 54.7% of the world's output, and the consumption accounted for 42.36% of the world's consumption. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period is a crucial period for China's transition from a large dye-producing country to a strong country. With the improvement of the competitiveness of China's dye market and the slow recovery of the world economy, China's dye exports will continue to grow significantly.

Now, with the continuous improvement of fiber properties and dyeing and finishing processes and the continuous development of textile application fields, the market requires more and more dyes. Therefore, application services have been strengthened to provide more detailed and personalized services. Helping users choose and use dyes is an important job for dye manufacturers, and it is of great significance to the development of dye markets and product development.

Pan Yan said that the current rapid development of the Internet e-commerce field is a new development area for the dye industry and also means a larger potential market. Therefore, dye manufacturers should actively seek the development of the online market and seek offline The combination of the market and the online market strives for a new model of simultaneous development of two offline and online markets.

Under the traditional business model, the steps for consumers in the dye industry to purchase goods are: collect product information → purchase goods → goods delivery. Its purchase cost includes not only the retail price of the product itself, but also transportation costs and transaction time and energy costs. In the e-commerce environment, the purchase cost of consumers only includes the cost of goods, the cost of surfing the Internet, time and effort, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of consumers. In addition, the important feature of the e-commerce era is electronic communication, which makes the entire world a global village in the network environment. The exchange of information between people is no longer separated by mountains and rivers, but information can be transmitted in an instant. This allows customers to grasp the price advantage between different regions in time. The emerging rise of e-commerce is bound to be a great help to the dye industry.