Cost dilemma Printing and dyeing enterprises should speed up the road of higher added value

Editor:浙江华德利纺织印染有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-08-20 

The disperse dyes that were going to increase their prices have been maintaining their original prices for half a month, which is a good thing for our printing and dyeing companies. Recently, Mr. Zhang, an operator of a printing and dyeing company in Binhai, told reporters cheerfully that since the beginning of this year, the price of dyes has skyrocketed, which makes him very worried. Previously, suppliers said that a dispersion dye of 95 yuan per kilogram would rise to 130 yuan , But the final supplier did not implement the new price.

Mr. Zhang's rejoicing was due to the result of an abnormal increase in the price of dyeing chemicals by more than 200 printing and dyeing companies in our county's Printing and Dyeing Association.

The reporter learned from the County Price Bureau that after receiving a collective appeal from the printing and dyeing enterprises in Shaoxing County, the Provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Price Supervision and Inspection Bureau attached great importance to the investigation and understanding as soon as possible and reiterated the price policies and regulations of the relevant enterprises.

Compared with the previous frequent increase in the price of dyes, the last half a month has remained unchanged, which is a manifestation of relatively stable dye prices. Fu Jianlin, president of the County Printing and Dyeing Association, said that the collective rights protection was highly valued and supported by the provincial and county price departments. The relatively stable dye prices were considered to be relatively small and effective. Especially in September, textile companies entered the peak production season. In terms of it, it is like eating a reassurance pill.

During the interview, the reporter learned that many printing and dyeing companies are still worried that some dye supply companies will take the opportunity to set off a wave of price increases when the season is approaching. To this end, some printing and dyeing companies have stepped up to fully prepare production costs such as dyes according to the order volume.

The predicament of the company's survival and development being 'abducted' by the cost of dyes once again reminded the printing and dyeing enterprises in Shaoxing County to speed up the pace of innovative products and take the road of higher added value. The industry said.